About Me

I have always loved problem solving and creating through code. Full stack development is a constantly evolving proving ground for those like myself who embrace learning. I believe the totality of life is not one which we can easily control and adaptation is key to success. Laurie Owens

I am the mother of two young adults who successfully navigate their own lives now. Prior, I attended college graduating with a B.S. in Business Administration. I joined a privately held manufacturing company where I became the Information Services Manager. Our company produced printing inks for corrugated boxes and newspapers such as "The New York Times". My department created Order Processing and Inventory Control programs for our satellite plants located across the United States and in Venezuela. My responsibilities included the development, implementation, training, maintenance and upgrade of the hardware and software for these systems. After the birth of my second child I decided to dedicate myself full time to my children's growth and development.

My husband, born and raised in the South, always loved Atlanta but passed away unexpectedly before we could return to the place he loved. Shortly after his death I decided to leave my home in the North and relocate our family to Georgia, honoring his final wish. I consider it to be one of best decisions I have ever made.

Most recently I worked at a small cafe in Alpharetta, as a Customer Service Representative. I enjoy the group I work with and getting to know the people who frequent the cafe. Every day presents a new opportunity in some form.